Aloha and welcome to Taishoji Soto Mission!

  • Taishoji is Hilo’s Zen Buddhist Temple.
  • Founded in 1916, Taishoji remains a family-oriented Soto Zen temple with much tradition and history.
  • Taishoji ‘s Private Services Memorial Service, Funerals, Blessings, Weddings.
  • Follwing is the link of Taishoji live streaming services on YouTube
  • 2020 Obon Service
  • 2020 Toro Nagashi Service
  • Taishoji ‘s Anual Services and Events
  • January
    New Year’s Service/ Jizo Festival/ Dogen Zenji’s Birthday
    Nehan-E (Commemorating Buddha’s Death )/ 33 Kannon Pilgrimage
    Higan-E(Spring)/ Kannon (Kwan Yin) Service
    Hanamatsuri(Flower Festival-Commemorating Buddha’s birth)
    Memorial service for deceased past ministers
    July – August
    Bon Dance/ Hatsubon Service/ Toro Nagashi (Lantern service)
    Higan-E (Fall)/ Memorial Service for Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji
    Daruma-ki (Memorial Service for Bodhidharma)
    Keizan Zenji’s Birthday
    Jodo-E (Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment)/ Joya no Kane (New Year’s Eve Service)
  • Taishoji ‘s Clubs & Activities
  • Sunday School/Family service
  • Fujin Kai
  • Busshin Kai
  • Zazen Kai
  • Baikako
  • Taishoji Taiko
  • Boy Scouts Troop 95
  • Taishoji has a variety of activities and festivals!
  • Taishoji is able to interact with many people and will be your oasis.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the activities of Taishoji.
  • We look forward to greeting you with warm Aloha!
  • Taishoji Soto Mission 275 Kinoole Street Hilo Hawaii 96720 Tell: (808)-935-8407 Email: