About us

Please come and enjoy the peace and wisdom of our Zen temple.

Taishoji was begun in 1916 by pioneering Zen ministers of the Sötö School of Zen Buddhism,Our two head temples are Eihei-ji and Söji-ji. The former is in Fukui-ken and the latter is in Kanagawa-ken


Taishoji transmits the true Buddhist Dharma (Teachings) from Shakyamuni Buddha and the Patriarchs down to our minister of today, Rev. Shinsho Hata. In 520 C.E., the south India Zen monk, Bodhidharma (Darumasan) brought Zen Buddhism to China at Shaolin Temple.Dögen Zenji brought Sötö Zen to Japan in 1227 and Keizan Zenji made Zen popular with the people

Our Main Image of Reverence

Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha

Оur Main Sutra

Maka Hannya Haramitta Shingyo ( Heart Sutra)

Zen Buddhist Doctrine

We are all children of Nature and come into this world endowed with the Buddha-Mind (Busshin). However, failing to realize this, we live selfish, willful lives, causing much suffering to ourselves and others.If we listen to the Buddha and abide in His Teachings, our spirits will come to rest, our lives will experience harmony and light, and we will rejoice in being of service . to society. We will also experience the deep faith that will allow us to stand up under any hardship. To discover Happiness and a Life Worth Living here on Earth now is the teaching of the Sötö Zen School.

Resident Minister Rev. Shinsho Hata

CEORev. Shinsho Hata grew up in Ehime prefecture, Japan.
After graduating from Aichi Gakuin University, he enterd Soji-ji Monastery in Kanagawa prefecture.
His home temple is Myokenji in Osaka prefecture. He became the Taishoji minister in October 2015.