What’s Zazen?
The foundation of the Soto Zen School’s teachings is zazen. This originated with Shakyamuni Buddha who devoted himself to the practice of zazen and subsequently attained enlightenment. “Zen ” refers to seeing into and discerning the truth of the way things are, then harmonizing the mind to properly correspond with that understanding. It is also to maintain the harmony of body, breath, and mind by sitting in a stable position with a focused mind.
All our daily activities is Zazen
Dogen Zenji also taught that the practice of zazen isn’t only sitting, but discovering that all of our everyday activities have the same value as zazen to do them as the practice of Zen. It may seem as if practice is something special, somehow removed from regular life. However, our practice is to undertake all our daily activities as if they were the same as zazen and to continue and maintain that practice.
Impression of participants
〇It is possible to relax both physically and mentally, it is possible to maintain composure.
〇As you sit with the right posture, and as you do it many times, you will naturally straighten your spine. And as your posture improves so will your body’s movement and metabolism. The resulting feeling will be positive!
Taishoji’s Zazen Information
Monday – 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm [Zazen(25minutes) Kinhin(10minutes) Zazen(25minutes)]
Sunday – 8:00am ~ 8:35am [Zazen(15minutes) Kinhin(5minutes) Zazen(15minutes)]
Note: Please check the temple calendar. The schedule may be changed on account of the minister.
If you are a beginner, please arrive 20 minutes before the zazen starts. The resident minister will teach you how to sit in zazen. Mahalo.